Our wine list among the best ones of Catalonia according to the Premis Cartaví jury

Last May 3rd, the Catalan Wine Association proclaimed the winners of the Premis Cartaví 2021 tenth edition.

And…surprise! We discovered Quatre Molins has been awarded the prize for the best wine list in category A from the region of Tarragona.

It was such an honor receiving this prize next to the rest of competitors, La Boscana de Bellvís (Lleida), Entre dos mons de Palamós (Girona), L’O de Sant Fruitós de Bages (Barcelona) and Windsor (Barcelona ciutat), among others.

In the region of Tarragona, the restaurant Lo Típic del Mediterrani (L’Ampolla) and El Cortijo (Montblanc) were also prized, on the category B and C, respectively.

We need to thank the organization and the jury for this acknowledgement. But also to the other restaurants, we want to give them our most sincere congratulations. Sharing the wine passion with you is a great pleasure!

But… what is the Premi Cartaví?

Premi Cartaví is an annual contest which highlights the restaurants from Catalonia that promote the wines used among the 11 denominations of catalan origin. The Catalan Wine Association is the organizer and promoter trying to approach the wine and sommelier culture to the consumer.

On this call there were different categories. First of all, category A including 40 euros menus or above (where Quatre Molins participated), then, category B having 20-40 euros menus and finally, category C 20 euros menus or below. All of them without the wine list included.

On the first round, a public statement was made announcing the four runner-ups of each category and region. In total 60 runner-ups. On the second round, there were chosen the five runner-ups of each category, proclaiming them as champions.

Our wine list

Our wine list, which actually has more than 300 references, has been made with the purpose to be easy to use. It is both explanatory and linked to the land and its divulgation task of the wines of our region, el Priorat.

It is a unique list that sorts the denominations of origin and its vaults on county maps. And also differences at first glance the white, black and red wines.

Reading the menu we can find iconic wines from the beginning of the year of “Priorat modern” like Scala dei Cartoixa or Clos Garsed. We also have champagne and Corpinnat references or sweet wines to join the dessert.


If you want to see the list click here.

Our team

We can just be grateful to all of you who made it possible. Congratulate the team of Quatre Molins, because we really are a big family and among all, we share this big passion that has become our essence. To our suppliers, without your trust and quality products this prize would not be ours. Also very specially to our colleague Jordi Vergés, a true wine lover that shows his passion in his day-to-day work. Without him, this wine list and of course this prize, could not be here with us. And for sure, to all the customers that have given their trust on Quatre Molins and the gastronomic experiences.

We will keep working to achieve new challenges. But for now on, we are filled with pride and satisfaction to say we are the winners of Premi Cartaví!!