Quatre Molins

Quatre Molins is Rucuria‘s enogastronomic restaurant headed by the young Chef Rafel Muria, it is a culinary project born from a fusion between Ronadelles Winery and artMuria.

Restaurant Quatre Molins


Quatre Molins is situated in Cornudella, in the heart of the appellation of origin Montsant. Located in the midst of the stunning Priorat landscape it is a restaurant that is both comfortable and simple. Its design is inspired by the typical country houses of the area with a modern touch. The wood and wrought iron that make up the interior design represent the tools and craftwork used in wine making. The technical excellence and creativity of RafelMuria added to the experience and prestige of Ronadelleshave created a partnership that brings a whole new innovative style to the cuisine normally found in the province of Tarragona. Our cuisine is also directly linked to the world of honey. This wonderful product both inspires us and gives us an inexhaustible source of possibilities. ArtMurias’shoney( founded in El Perelló in 1810) gives our food a unique touch

The restaurant offers two gourmet menus: a tasting menu and a Show menu. These menus can also be found within several wine experiences packs offered by Rucuria and Ronadelles.

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Why eat at Quatre Molins

Our restaurant is a place where you can enjoy food pairing menus carefully designed based on our unique food and wine. Our aim is that the end result is an amazing sensorial experience for the diner.

Services available from Quatre Molins

Open plan kitchen

Air-conditioned restaurant.

A small terrace where it is possible to enjoy a Vermouth with a selection of Tapas

Easy parking area located 80 meters from the restaurant

Seatingcapacityfor 24 people.

Possibility to lunch or dine sat at the bar where you can see our chef RafelMuria in action.

What can we find?

Tasting set menu and Show menu using top quality locally sourced products.

Wines that reflect the “terroir”.

Children’s menu not available (you will have to ask for the chef’s tasting menu or for a dish that he recommends for children)

Quatre Molins: a name steeped in history,

Cornudella de Montsant bases its economy on the production of wine, hazelnuts and tourism but this has not always been the case. In the mid-19TH century, the mills of the area generated an important amount of work. There were ten flour mills, one oil mil and four brandy mills. Along the Siurana River there are over seventy two documented mills, four of which are located within the Cornudella de Montsant district